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artists ayka logo10 May 2014 – art off the loom

When: opening 10. May 2014, from 7pm, show until 29. May (finissage)

What: Michelle Evans with Ayka Design – treasures from the loom

Where: J+A Gallery, Al Quoz Ind.1, Dubai, UAE

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Save the date:
Solo show of Michelle Evans’ award-winning rugs, with a number of new designs presented for the first time in Dubai! Michelle Evans,
CID designer of the year 2013 has created a collection of spectacular hand-knotted design rugs under her brand Ayka, which will exclusively be presented and sold at J+A Gallery! We will close the exhibition with a Finissage on Thursday, 29th of May.

Dubai-based designer K. Michelle Evans with her brand AYKA was awarded with many prices for her collection of hand-knotted rugs – impressing enough as she only unveiled her pieces some weeks ago in Germany. Now she presents for the first time in the Gulf a series of regionally manufactured rugs with amazing designs and a perfection of craft up to the last knot. The materials she is using, wool and silk, as well as the manufacturing process rely on traditional knowledge and craftsmanship, but the designs are strictly contemporary and well fitted for a modern living environment.

Michelle Evans is the explorer of the design world. Having worked in nearly every region from Europe to Africa, Asia and the United States, her design style often reflects her knowledge and adaption of different cultures. Her personal and open approach to projects is one of the things that make her work both bespoke and inspiring. Evans has worked on countless hospitality projects in the region including the Grand Hyatt Dubai, Qasr al Sarab Adu Dhabi and the Sheraton. held in Dubai.
Michelle studied interior design in the UK and obtained a BA honours degree in 3D design. She has worked over the last twenty years for some
of the great interior design companies including Remedios Siembieda in Los Angeles and Hirsch Bedner Associate in Dubai. Michelle’s point of
difference is her ability to design with an eye of an artist. The rug is seen not just as a piece of floor covering but as a piece of art to be loved and cherished.

Download the press release here


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